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How to become the Real You?

Today, the problem with womanhood is- women are under pressure to become what other people want. We have number of roles for women to play, and those roles together define our undertanding of" womanhood". Whether full-time homemakers or professionals-all these are valid expressions of womanhood.

Roles are important. They are like sets of clothing. You wear different ones for different tasks. You are important than the roles you play,just as you are more important than your clothing.
It would be wonderful if the people around you-husband, family,friends, neighbors,colleagues-saw the essential inner you all the time instead of whichever role you happen to be playing when they're around them. But often they don't. In fact, they may expect certain things of you just because you are a woman and not a man.
You don't have to be bound by other people's expectations of you. You are more than just a homemaker more than just a professional, more than just a female.

Transforming impossibilities in your life has a lot to do with becoming "what God has made you,and you alone to be."How to become the real you?
Discrimination is a major problem for some women, and its not always their fault. Whatever role they play, some feel undervalued unappreciated, or deserving of more respect than they get.

In the scriptures, men and women have equal worth before God, though have different roles to play. Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 5.
In her book, " You can too" , Mary C. Crowly (of USA) talks about building self-esteem and self-worth.Her solution was to encourage women to put God God first in their lives. why? becasue -"God don't take time to make a nobody". If God is moulding you into a unique & special person-worthy of respect, remember God's promises-give Him first place. take a stand and He will be with you. Read: Isaiah 3:10, 65:22;Psalm 31:19; Philippians 2:15; i Timothy 4:8,6:6.

Building self-esteem or self-worth:(Mary C. Crowley)She has done much to motivate the women of her generation toward success & fulfilment. She built a multi-million dollar business from scratch, made her slogan "Think Mink", a byword for professonalism, and wrote abestselling book titled "You can too".
Once conducted a poll among her employees at Home Interiors. she wrote afterwards,"when the answers came back, I was astonished. From all over the country the answers returned the same: I just can't cope...I don't feel that I can accomplish anything...I don't have any self-confidence.." so many of these american women, who had every possible freedom to fulfilment in life, said the same thing.They lacked self-confidence. They felt inferior as persons, as wives and mothers, as businesswomen.
Mary says, I almost could not believe it. These well-dressed American women were all "Vogue on the outside and vague on the inside." They didn't want to be that way, but they didn't know what to do about it.

*Do you believe that God takes an interest in who you are? are you trying to become what He would have you to be? then don't make a career out of self-abasement.
*Learn to respect yourself so that others will respect you too. In short,"be somebody".
*Have the right self-image: Romans 12:3,"..not to think himself (herself) more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly,according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith."
*Say and believe that "you can do": (Philippians 4:13.) -all things!

Be Encouraged.

*********************************Letter # 10 (9.3.2003)************************

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