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mHow to Invest for Eternity

Your life is God's good gift to you. No matter how difficult your circumstances, your life has far more potential than you have ever realized. Your life has only begun. It is your great opportunity. It is yours to invest or to waste. You can do more significant things with your life than you have ever realized, and this message is written to help you make a wise investment of it. No matter what your age, it is never too late to start planning and investing for eternity.

You were created for life. In fact, it is impossible for you to cease to exist. Once created, no human being can escape existence. The question is, will it be only existence? Or, will it be life in the fullest, most wonderful sense of that term? It is not merely a question of heaven or hell. It is a question of all that heaven can include for you. The Bible points to great differences in the rewards of heaven. More than you have realized your future reward is in your own hands. Your daily choices have eternal consequences, and God does not choose for you. You yourself must choose wisely.

God has a wonderful plan for you. Lord Jesus came that you might have life in its most wonderful sense, "and have it to the full" (John 10:10). No matter how good your life is, Jesus wants to make it better. No matter how satisfying it has been thus far, Jesus wants to make your future far more satisfying. God always has tremendous plans for you. Let me remind you again: "I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jer.29: 11). As surely as God is in heaven, He has better plans for you tomorrow than you have ever realized thus far. The question is this: will you use your today so that your tomorrow can be the greatest possible?

Our life is surviving on two main resources. One is TIME and the other is MONEY. Everything we do revolve around these two main resources. And we become whatever we are based on how we use time and money- for what purpose and what we get finally. These two are gifts. Though time is given to all equally, money is not so. We acquire money depending on various factors.

However, your happiness and satisfaction is based on how wisely you budget and spend these and what you achieve ultimately. If you understand, you are given one more year to do and live your life to the full, then you need to take every possible step to harness these to the maximum benefit, to you, to your fellowhuman beings as well as to the Creator and Giver of all these gifts.

Plan your daily life in such a way that you are in the centre of God's plans for you. As you put into use your time and money, this year, more wisely and with understanding of their value, you will not regret later for the wasted resources. He gives more to those who prove faithful in using the little or whatever He has already given. Will you make the right decision and use your life today so God can carry out His full plans for your tomorrow?

Be encouraged!

********************Letter #2 (12.1.2003)********************

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