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What Makes You Special

Young parents, teach their children a song that includes these words . .. I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am a promise with a capital P; I am a great big bundle of potentiality. The song is liked by all because it conveys an important message to our kids. Each of them is special. Each is truly "one-of-a-kind". . . a masterpiece in the making. God had uniquely created each of them, and each of us ... you and me. As we have grown into maturity, He has brought many people and events into our lives that have contributed to the process of shaping us for a very special life and ministry. This process will continue.

Let's look at two questions: One of them is found in a current magazine. The other is found in the Scriptures.

WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL? That's the question on the cover of the current TIME magazine. The inside article skillfully picks up the old debate about nature and nurture. It makes the reader wrestle with scientists and philosophers to think and re-think the place of genes versus environment. The article, while presenting both sides, leans toward believing that the lifelong interaction of genes and experience contribute in shaping our lives. Not one or the other, but both.

WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR HAND? That's the pivotal question (Exodus 4:2) that God asked Moses when Moses was struggling to see his own adequacy to accept God's Will for his life. Each of us needs to answer this question.
What all do I have in my hand? Or more literally, what has God placed within me and around me to prepare me to be and to do what He wants for my life and ministry?

As you begin the process of examining your personal estate (everything that is in your hand), let me help you get started. Your estate includes the following: your parental home ... your physical body ... your natural talents . .. your spiritual gifts . . . your intellectual capacity . . . your spiritual background .. . your academic training. This is just a start. It also includes your vocational background ... your financial resources . .. your failures and your successes . .. your dreams and your visions . . . your family . . . your trials (even the toughest of them). .. special people in your life . . . special opportunities in your past. . . open doors and closed doors ... and more. This is not an exhaustive list but it can get your started.

As you take the time to thoroughly see the depth, the enormity, and the uniqueness of your estate, you will readily see how very special you are. No two of us are at all alike. Our creative Father has been at work in us for a long time. He is still at work in us.

Each of us needs to thoroughly investigate and evaluate our own uniqueness. It is wise to do this regularly. Our estates are always growing. Today, God is grooming you for tomorrow. The best clue about God's Will for you is found in a thorough understanding of His estate committed to you ...of the things He has placed in your hand ...of the combination of "nature and nurture" that God has given to you.

Even as God spoke to the people of Israel in Isaiah 43:1, He speaks to us:

I have created you,

I have formed you,

I have redeemed you,

I have summoned you by name;

You are mine.

Be Encouraged.

>> Letter # 28 (27. 7. 2003)

Copyright @ A.Othniel.
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