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"Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy..."(Luke 2:10)

This is the season of celebrations. It may be due to Christmas or the fast approaching New Year. Even though much of the fun and excitement is drowned by the threat of terrorism. Everybody is celebrating something or someone. What activities come to mind when you focus on celebrations? What feelings or attitudes do you experience when you celebrate? When was the last time you celebrated? Did your heart fill with joy and enthusiasm? What about celebrating life itself? When was the last time you celebrated your own existence?

Here are some thoughts to brainstorm you at this season.

b Is your celebration with eating and drinking only, without the Living water, that alone can satisfy your real hunger and thirst?

b Are you spending your resources for shopping and buying things without offering anything to the One who is worthy of all your resources?

b Is your celebration limited to pleasing your ownself, your relatives, your friends or those who love you, or is it in sharing with those who really need your love, care and help?

b Who is the in the center of your celebrations? Is it the One who was born to bring joy to the world and who longs to rejoice over you?

b Are you spending the day in lustful indulgences without sharing in the joy and holiness of the One born to set you free from that kind of lifestyle?

b Is your joy limited to the tasty food, new clothes, special cakes, endless parties, and senseless spending without any time or thought for the One born to satisfy your real needs?

b Is your celebration so commercialized that there is nothing to benefit your life spiritually for eternity?

bAre your interests and priorities so temporal and worldly that you have no place for eternal values in your heart and mind?

bWhat Christmas means to you, if you are celebrating or plan to celebrate? Whatever it may be, Is it without Christ?

b Are you offering the best of your time, talents, and treasures at the altar of sin and Satan or to the One who was born King and is worthy of your worship?

b Finally, whether all your celebrations are making any difference in your life or is it just a routine or traditional or emotional extravaganza, making you to become more sorrowful and depressed later?

Think for a moment! Yes, we all need to celebrate. But how and what? Let us celebrate life itself. For we are created to celebrate life and enjoy it. However, it must be in the right relationship with the One who gave us life and all the privileges with it.

Sin has caused untold ruin and brought death and sorrow. But the Lord Jesus Christ came to reverse all that.

The word of God is filled with His wonderful plan for a beautiful and glorious life that we can celebrate everyday! That the Lord Jesus Christ brought life-the new life, the eternal life, and the abundant life. You can have this wonderful life when you accept Christ to be your Savior and Lord. He was born to enter our lives and make us different. It's all by faith in Him.

So do you know HIM and have you accepted Him into your own life? If not, why not do so today? Then only you can begin the real celebration of life!

Be Encouraged.

***************Letter #46 (22.12.2002)**********
Copyright @ A.Othniel.
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