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l Love Makes the World Go Roundw

If it is true that "love never fails" (for it never fails to enrich the giver of love), is it also true that those who are unloving cannot succeed? Yes, I believe it is. Those who carry through an unloving deed do not really succeed, for the unloving action registers itself in them in a way that brings about an inner loss. The pay-off is in the person- they are demeaned by their unlovingness.

So outer success can be an inner failure. If "love never fails", then "unlove" never succeeds. It can't, by its very nature. I am persuaded that to love is the only way to live effectively. To act in any other way than in love is to inject into any situation a disruptive tendency which will sooner or later complicate the situation and tie it up in knots. The world was made to work in love's way and in no other way. If we try to make it work in any other way than love, we work our own ruin.

A business organization runs a seminar entitled "putting people first", in which business people are taught how to put others before themselves. This seminar is making a big impact even though it has a secular approach, for it is making the same point that the loving attitude is the only thing that really works. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those who see this would go on to the next step and open up their beings to the Source of all love? Then they would find, not just an answer to loving but the answer to living.

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:8.

Prayer: My Father in heaven, help me to love this day with Your love. Then all ugliness will be turned to beauty, all littleness into greatness and all pettiness into significance. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Be encouraged,

*******************Letter # 7 (16. 2. 2003)*********************

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