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Love -a Conquering Force

We have been saying that even when love does not succeed in changing the object of one's love, it never fails to bring about changes in the one who expresses love. This thought, however, must not be allowed to turn our gaze away from the fact that love does have a powerful influence in bringing about changes in others.

What we have been saying about the power of love to transform is not something intangible and vague but real and powerful. When the Communist portion of Chiang Kai-shek's army took over Nanking (now Nanjing), they began to loot the city, and entered homes to seize whatever they could find. A Chinese Christian, a professor of theology, decided that whatever happened, he would respond in love. When a soldier struck him on one side of the chest with the butt of his rifle, the professor pointed to his other side and said: " This too, please." The soldier dropped his gun in astonishment. The professor then found that some of the local people, who had followed the soldiers, were trying to get his brass bed down the stairs in order to take it away to their own home when it got struck. The professor said: "Here, let me help you", whereupon they blushed to the roots of their hair and fled.

At last the Communists decided to take him off and shoot him, but as he was being led away, he put his arm through the arm of the ringleader and said: "You are my friend; I expect you to protect me." Then he marched along arm in arm to his execution. When they got to the place where they intended to execute him, they let him go, saying: "What can you do with a person like this?"

Love may not always overcome evil in this way and save a person from death, but whether it does or not, you can be sure of this- it always has the last word.

Give out love and only love. For in the giving out of love, you not only transform yourself but there is a high chance that you will transform others.

" a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us..." Eph. 5:2.

Be encouraged,

**********************Letter # 8 (23.2.2003)*******************

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